Psychic Mediums Real or Memorex?

Am I showing my age with the title? Yes, I believe I am. With age comes life experiences. I have been blessed to have many. One of my favorite things to do is see Psychic Mediums. I have had the … Read More

Do you Believe in Ghosts? If so have I captured one on my phone?

Yes, ghosts! I have had many experiences with spirits coming to me for help. As I have talked about it before, I feel my way through situations. I get a weird sensation through my body when spirits are present. I … Read More

Spirituality, Grief & Emotional Pain

What I learned is we need to honor it all no matter what package it comes. We need to give our grief or pain a voice and allow ourselves to work through it. If not we will keep it, internalize it, and maybe become ill.
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Stay Clear of Unwanted Heavy Energy

A simple way to stay clear of unwanted heavy energy. … Read More

Sacred Soapbox Intro

My Daily Mantra