Yes, ghosts! I have had many experiences with spirits coming to me for help. As I have talked about it before, I feel my way through situations. I get a weird sensation through my body when spirits are present. I am acutely aware of the energies that are around me. Do I acknowledge them all? No. Do I help some cross? Yes. Have I got caught off guard? Yes, I have. This time is one of them. Luckily, as I have explained in my blog post “Stay Clear of Unwanted Energies”, I keep myself well protected.

I had the great fortune to be asked to go to Peru by a friend, Lisa, who knew I had a desire to go. She was heading to Lima for work and asked if I would like to tag along. I was in! The Shamanic tradition I practice is from the mountains of Cusco. So I was elated at the opportunity. We had planned to head that way and go to Macchu Picchu on a boondoggle.

I had five days alone to wander around Lima. Luckily for me, Lisa’s connections in Peru introduced me to Gino, a private driver, to take me around the city. He was a native born Peruvian, yet he was an American citizen. I had the pleasure of having Gino to accompany me for the week. He took me shopping, went to museums and historical sites. I also went on a culinary tour and did lots of shopping. I even tried to get into the American Embassy. That was a No- Go! You needed an appointment unless something is very wrong. I understood although I was a bit disappointed.

The last day I was in Lima I visited the Saint Francis Monastery. I asked Gino to come inside with me as there were no tour guides who spoke English. During the tour, we learned about the beautiful altars, the history, and admired all the art. The final part of the guided tour was the catacombs. The Catacombs is where they bury the parishioners and the clergy. There are thousands of people are buried under that church. They have estimated about 25,000 people. The bones are separated into their perspective categories lined up with care. I would have liked to have taken images to show you how neat everything is placed. However, there was no photography allowed during the entire tour. The minute I saw the NO PHOTOGRAPHY sign I put my phone away. Me not using my phone is what makes this story the more interesting. If you would like to see what I a speaking of Google “catacombs in Peru”.

When the guided tour was over, we were able to stroll through the large church. It was beautiful. By the time we left, it was dark. Gino and I decided to walk through the close by China town and their markets. I was able to pick up some textiles and some Florida water which I use during clearing and healing. These markets were very busy and crowds of people all around. We had walked around for an hour or two. I was hungry, tired and ready for dinner. We walked back a few city blocks to the parking lot and got into the car. My phone had been in my bag since we entered the church. I was not permitted to use it as I have mentioned and it was dark when we finished with the tour.

My husband Steve said to drive in Italy was a nightmare. Let me tell you; Rome has nothing on Lima! I have been in both places. I pulled out my phone to video the crazy way people drive in Lima. As you know, things like this do not go as planned. When you want to get something on film, it rarely happens the way you want it to. I was not getting anything that scary so I stopped shooting and decided to look at the images I took throughout the day. I start flipping through the pictures on my phone. This is what I had seen:

What I initially saw when I opened my photos.

Now I am going to make the image larger for you to see. Is this a ghost?

My Peruvian Hitchhiker

What do you think? Some people say my phone took a picture of inside the bag. I looked through the pocket of my backpack where the phone was all evening. All that was in there was brochures of where I have been visiting. There was nothing that resembled the image that was in my bag. I showed Gino and he got a bit weirded out. So what did I do? Before I left Lima, I sent the picture to Gino via What’s App. He was not happy with me. I found it to be hilarious!

Strange things seem to happen to me, and I recognize them for what they are. Has anything like this happened to you? If so, please feel free to share your ghost stories with me. I am interested in what you think. Remember this is a community. I invite you to leave comments or questions below.

Create Space, Inspire Others and Be Amazing! ~AHO

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