My Story – Elise D’Amico

I am a Shamanic practitioner and I call myself The Gaia Traveler as I travel between two worlds. I travel this world as a Retreat Planner and the Spiritual world to bridge the gap between our world and Spirit. An easier explanation is I am a medium and my purpose is to invite Spirit to heal. My mission is to help creative people tap into their higher selves.

I began my education with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies in 2009. I studied with a Siberian Shaman a few years and this led me to the path of the Paq’o or Andean Energy Medicine, a tradition from Peru. I studied this tradition for close to 4 years being honored as a full Mesa Carrier.

I now continue my education working within the Celtic tradition. I hold space for the Goddess Danu’s Altar and I am also walking the 13 moons in reverence of the Divine Feminine. I use what I learn through these traditions and facilitate healing to private clients and offering it to the Entrepreneurial world.

I have been a lifelong student of Spirituality. From a young age I studied metaphysics, religion, and the occult. At 28, I gave birth to the first of my two daughters. Like most mothers, it was a pinnacle moment in my life. In an instant, my life took a trajectory I thought I was not prepared for but, unknowingly, was training for my entire life. My Daughter Sydney was born with Down Syndrome. Over the next few years my view of life, Spirituality and the Creator was forever changed. I started to seek for a belief system that felt comfortable. When I was introduced to Shamanism it was familiar, comfortable, I felt at home.

I believe creative energy and Spirituality are one in the same. Creativity is your soul speaking and our souls have a direct connection to the Source, the Creator, and it needs to be expressed. I have the ability to connect to your energy body from a distance and clear unwanted heavy energy or blockages. When these are removed, space is cleared to allow creativity to flow while allowing space for spirit.

While this may be an unconventional approach to some, it is not an unconventional idea. The most creative people will tell you they connect with their higher selves and it is like something takes over. Business moguls have realized this, especially Entrepreneurs, as they are constantly creating. This “thing” or “flow” occurs and great things happen. They produce the most beautiful work and they say “I didn’t know where it came from”. Some become unbelievably successful. But one thing they don’t share is how they achieved getting into that space allowing the energy to flow.

I have taken my practice out of the spiritual communities and applied it to the Entrepreneurial world. Being an entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenge of staying focused and clear, especially during creative times. As entrepreneur’s we know clarity is the number one component for success. Once you have clarity, you need to create space to create. I help creative people clear the space energetically so creativity flows through naturally. I clear an energetic path and teach you how to stay clear giving you the opportunity to open up to your higher self to get insight to your brilliance.