Am I showing my age with the title?

Yes, I believe I am. With age comes life experiences. I have been blessed to have many. One of my favorite things to do is see Psychic Mediums. I have had the pleasure of being in the audience of the most famous Mediums of our time. The question I pose to you is; Do you believe Psychic Mediums? Do mediums do what they claim? Or is it a cold reading using edited video, so it appears they have a great talent?

In this article, I will share an experience I had while I attending John Edward’s ( JE) event in Orlando. I used this opportunity to hone my skills trying to understand what happens when others are connecting to the other side. I hope my experience brings you closer to your answer. I will explain the sensations I felt as the readings were happening.

Protection is a must!

Studying Metaphysics and religion has been my passion since childhood. I now have a spiritual awareness of who I am and how I fit into this playground we call life. One aspect of myself that I uncovered is I am an Empath or use Clairsentience. I feel my way through experiences. One of my most painful lessons is the importance of protecting myself as it is vital to my health and well-being. As I share this story, please note; I strongly recommend you always protect your energy body and never leave yourself open to a psychic attack. I feel it necessary to protect myself before I get out of bed each morning. My suggestion for you is to do the same.

I am a skeptic and always have been.

I need to be in someone’s presence before I determine if they are authentic. Feeling energy is how I process information. Typically, I would keep myself heavily armored in a crowd of 200 plus. The training I have had with my spiritual healing practice along with the reverence I have for John Edward’s work allows me to experience his show while being open to the energy. There are many practitioners, mediums, and psychics. Not all have the integrity which JE demonstrates. Being open does not mean not protected. My Spirit Guides and Power Animals always are called in for my protection.

The Perspective of an Energy Healer.

Being in JE’s audience several times give me insight into how he works. I am quick to notice patterns and how he conducts his sessions. To break it down simply he does three important things.

1. He engages with his audience sharing his desire to educate. He will not say he is gifted. John Edward insists his ability is a honed skill and everyone can connect to crossed love ones.

JE wants to educate and not alienate. I feel him as being humble and grateful for the work he does. I rarely see this in this type of work especially at the level he is. I am refreshed to know it still exists. With the uprising of metaphysics on TV, I find the practitioner’s ego is usually immense even though he or she professes that it isn’t. Or they are unaware of the energy they are sending out.

2. Five random people are selected to ask a question that could pertain to anyone. For example: Do pet’s come through from the other side?

JE says “yes they do” if you are interested. We all love our fur-babies!
I believe this is done to relax the audience and allow them to open and not be defensive. If people are too closed off it probably makes his job more difficult. Most people attending want to experience a reading, others not so much. I have found there is a mixture of participants who attend his shows. There are the non-believers, skeptics, the intrigued, and what I believe to be the biggest demographic, the seekers. The seekers are people who desperately want proof that there is life after life. Most are seeking relief from their grief hoping to speak to a loved one who has crossed.

3. The readings began slowly. One family is piggybacking on to another sharing a connection in some way.

In my experience, energy flows in slowly building to a vibrational level that is familiar to me. Although it was not as strong, the feeling was reminiscent of the energy I felt when my Mother-in-law Lorraine passed. The minute she passed, I felt as though her energy body dove into my heart chakra letting me know she was transitioning to the other side.

This vibrational level stayed in the room for the entire event. Our physical bodies are not meant to vibrate at this level, so to me, Since I have purposefully internalized the energy, it was very uncomfortable. It feels similar to having an anxiety attack times 5. The energy needs to move, so I start scribbling on a piece of paper trying not to make a spectacle of myself.

A Blessing in Disguise.

About a half hour into the reading, several family members (from the other side) came through for one woman. They hijacked the reading for approximately 20-30 minutes. People mumbled as the crowd was getting restless and bored. It seemed on the outside that this was becoming a personal reading. With my limited experience with people who have crossed, I know they can be insistent, but this was a little different. It was evident to me this audience member was no stranger to manipulating energy. She continued to pull JE’s attention towards her monopolizing his time. Unbeknownst to me, this experience will give me the validation I sought.

Where I was sitting, it appeared to me JE knew what was happening, immediately he stopped the reading. It felt to me he energetically slammed the door. The rushing of energy subsided and my heart stopped racing. I felt completely normal. I watched John carefully. At first, JE seemed bit detached. He then centered himself by taking a few deep breaths, and when he was ready, the portal (opening to the other side) opened again with the same intensity. Energy swirled around the room, the vibration is high, the readings began again. At this time I knew John is a Master at his craft.

John Edward convinced me he receives messages from the other side. JE does the work with passion and purpose. He calls himself a Medium and a Teacher. If I were to give him a title, it would be a Healer. Every time I have been in his audience, there has been someone with insurmountable grief that it is palpable. Just to hear him or her speak will bring you to tears. John Edward’s skill brings answers and insight to grieving family and friends. He opens the space to bring dialogue giving them permission to grieve fully without judgment. Friends, this is a gift all within itself!

I invite you to join John Edward’s online community Evolve with John Edward. Follow him here on Twitter and Facebook.


Create the Space, Inspire others, and Be Amazing! ~Elise

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