It is so much easier to protect yourself from unwanted heavy energy than to clear yourself of it later.

Most times you will carry energy around without even noticing. It becomes part of your fabric. It melds in like it was always there and we don’t even realize it until we feel unwell or something is off.

The easiest way I have found to protect myself is to surround myself with the white light of the Creator. I do this consciously every morning as soon as my feet hit the ground when getting out of bed. I will repeat the process when I am going to malls, Wal-Mart, or anywhere else I can pick up unwanted energy. I call this type of energy “hitchhikers” because you can pick it up anywhere. It can attach itself to you and wreak havoc, messing up your day or, until you realize something is wrong. If you have been carrying this energy around it may affect your mood, health, and overall wellness. I have been trained to find these buggers and clear them from your energy body when you can’t do it yourself.

Protecting Yourself is Easy as 1,2,3!

Protecting yourself is vital, and it only takes a few seconds then you can be on your way.

  1. Sit down and center yourself. Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out of your mouth. Be mindful of your breath. If your mind wanders, that is ok. Just go back to your breath
  2. State the intention of being protected from Spirit, Creator, God, or however you feel comfortable describing the life force imagining it as a white light.
  3. Surround yourself with this white light of love and protection. Sometimes when you first start it is easier if you visualize a massive bubble. Truth be told I encircle planes I am on, cars I am in, and my daughter’s car before she leaves the house.

In the Peruvian tradition, I studied we used another more active method. We call in the Wiracocha or Great Creator. We protect ourselves by stretching your arms straight up as high as they can go on the top of your head, hands in prayer position while inhaling a deep cleansing breath. Being mindful of your breath call in the great Creator to protect you bringing the life force in your crown chakra. As you exhale lower your arms down slowly to your sides bringing the protection around you. Inhale deeply again lifting your arms. As you exhale, place one arm in front and one arm in the back, creating an invisible barrier encircling the love around you. You touch all the directions creating a barrier of protection around you.


The Big Guns!

I do have a secret weapon when I think I am going to need extra protection. I have affectionately named this “Repel.” It is a flower essence blend called Emergency Protection made by Delta Gardens. It is made for practitioners and also people who are empathic or very sensitive to others. I became aware of this blend from a long time friend Alyce who uses Flower Essences as a part of her healing work.

The first time I used Emergency Protection was when I was going to a celebration of life for a dear friend of mine who passed. There were many people I haven’t seen in years in attendance. People can sometimes project all kinds of things unknowingly, and I wanted to be armed and ready. In full disclosure, there was one person, in particular, I was not sure how it would go. I was concerned about his family and how they would react to seeing me.

I armed myself with the white light of the Creator as I always do but this time right before walking into the banquet hall I put a few drops of this protection essence under my tongue. Needless to say, everything went smoothly.  When I approached the person, I had reservations about he couldn’t be around me for more than 30 seconds. We exchanged niceties and then it was “I’ll be right back” he ran away never to be seen again. A mutual friend who was standing by me looked at me and said, “That was weird?!” thus me lovingly giving the protocol the name Repel. The combination is incredible!

There are several ways to protect you from unwanted energy. I find these to be the quickest easiest ways. I hope this article has served you.

Create Space, Inspire Others and Be Amazing!


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