Elise D'Amico

About Me

How do I show up In this world?

My Journey

I am a certified Spiritual Life Coach and Shamanic Practitioner. I work by bridging the Spirit world and our physical world by working in the space between. In short, I am a medium and my purpose is to invite Spirit to heal. My mission is to help creative people tap into their higher selves.

I have been a lifelong student of Spirituality. From a young age I studied metaphysics, religion, and the supernatural. At the age of 2, I used a pot and a wooden spoon as my drum to do the rain dance. As a child I played under my grandparent’s tree to make my medicine in the roots where the water would collect. This is where my Shamanic roots started to emerge.

At 28, I gave birth to the first of my two daughters. Like most mothers, it was a pinnacle moment in my life. In an instant, my life took a trajectory I thought I was not prepared for but, unknowingly, was training for my entire life. My daughter, Sydney, was born with Down Syndrome.

Over the next few years, my outlook on life, Spirituality and the Creator was forever changed. I started to seek for a belief system that resonated.

When I was introduced to Shamanism it felt familiar and comfortable. My journey with Shamanism allowed me to remember who I am and to feel fully at peace with who I AM.

I have taken my practice out of the spiritual communities and applied it to the entrepreneurial and creative world. Being an entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges of staying focused and clear, especially during creative times. As entrepreneur’s we know clarity is the number one component for success. Once you have clarity, you need the space so your genius flows. I help creative people clear the space energetically, so creativity flows through naturally. I guide you on how to stay clear giving you the opportunity to open your higher and greatest self to get insight to your brilliance allowing your soul to speak!

Create Space Inspire Others & Be Amazing!


I began my education with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies in 2009. I then studied with a Siberian Shaman a few years and which led me to the path of the Paq’o or Andean Energy Medicine, a tradition from Peru. I studied this tradition for close to 4 years being honored as a full Mesa Carrier.

I continue my education working within the Celtic tradition. As a member the Sanctuary of the Divine Feminine. I hold space as a flame tender of the altars of the Goddess’ Danu and Brigit. Also, I am an initiated Priestess for Morrighan.

Spiritual Life Coaching

I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach from Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development. This one-year intensive program is founded and directed by Dr. Iyanla Vanzant and it focuses on all levels of being: Mind, Body and Soul. The program is rooted in Spiritual Laws, principals, tools and skills to become an effective Spiritual Life Coach.

I use the guidance of Spirit, the combinations of these traditions and the modality of Coaching to facilitate healing.

Primordial Sound Meditation

I am currently enrolled in the Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher’s program at the The Chopra Center. I will be able to offer this modality to all clients in February of 2021. I am excited to add this to my practice and bring this form of meditation to my clients.

I identify as a lifelong student of spirituality. With this being said, when I am called by Spirit to elevate my education, I search for new teachers and modalities to support myself along with my clients. As a result, I have been awarded a PHDo from Dr. Reverend Michelle Simmons. If you have read this far and ask me what is a “PHDo” at our free consultation, I will happily gift you 20% off your first Shamanic Clearing or Spiritual Life coaching session.