Elise D'Amico

Shamanic Healing

Empathic Soul Work:

Our unique connection to the Creator, God, or Higher Self is self- expression. It is my belief creative energy and spirituality come from the same Source. Each of us is a Divine representation of Spirit and our creativity is how our Soul’s speak. We all have a unique expression that needs to manifest in this world. There are times we get stuck, have blockages, or are unsure how to move what keeps us from creating the life we desire. I am here to guide you in your journey.

Spirit is everywhere and we are connected through this Divine energy. At a distance and within this energy, I am able to connect to your energy field to facilitate healing by creating space for Spirit. This assists you to recognize your highest and greatest self, giving you a clear pathway from the Greatest Source, tapping into the flow of your Divine Self.

Spirit guides me to the imbalances, cords, or attachments so they can be balanced and or removed. Together the client and I work on a plan to resolve any issue that may surface moving you towards healing. In turn, you will be an empty vessel streamlining your ability to create.

All services listed below are directly led by Spirit. Please keep in mind, I am not doing the work. I am facilitating your healing guided by Spirit. One or more service may be provided during a healing session. My role is to support you in this healing process by giving you the tools, exercises, and home assignments that will deepen your connection keeping your energy field clear.

Chakra Clearing and Balancing:

This will be the first healing session that occurs. I will always facilitate clearing and balancing of the chakras for each client before any other shamanic work is done. During our initial conversation and once I am permitted by you to get into your energetic field, I may be able to pinpoint exactly where you may need attention so this process will be as gentle and specific as possible. This may take 1 ½ to 3 hours.

Power Animal Retrieval:

If led by Spirit, I will be asked to retrieve you a power animal to support you in your journey. During our debriefing time, I will instruct you on how your Spirit helper can be supportive to your healing process and guide you to have a long- lasting relationship with this amazing gift.

Soul Retrieval:

Life experiences may unconsciously leave a piece of our soul behind. This occurs during trauma however; it also occurs during the happiest times in our lives. It is essential we are whole to be our fullest expression of ourselves.

Soul retrieval is supportive and healing. There is one caveat. If you are not ready to receive the soul piece or have not healed what caused the disconnection it may leave again. Your healing is strengthened by the work you do for yourself. I am here as a guide. The real work begins with you.

Are you willing to do the work?