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Prayer to be of Service

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Dear Mother, Father God and Great Spirit Within,

You are the Mother of all Mothers, Creator of all things seen and unseen, from the smallest seed to the expansive Universe that surrounds me. You are the Nurturer and the Giver of Life. You are to be held in reverence as you are the sustenance that keeps everything alive.

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Divine Instruction/ Correction

Spirit is the best Teacher of all. Divine instruction comes in many ways. I have had my share of experiences and had several corrections what I call a “Spiritual What For”

What do I mean by a “What For”?

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas. When I moved to Florida, I developed a friendship with a woman who was raised in Louisiana. One day she said that she had gave someone a what for. I don’t remember exactly to whom she was speaking or the subject. I was totally confused as the term was unfamiliar.

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I Am the one who has healed my inner child and is now carried by Spirit.

Spirit Collage

Inner Child Work

Hello Spiritual Warriors!

I want to share with you a bit of who I Am. This is why I shared my prayer calling in all the people I need to be of service to. Now I am sharing another sneak peek into my soul.

During my Spiritual Life Coaching training I dove deep into my Inner child. It was the most profound form of healing that I received during this process.

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