Elise D'Amico


Shaman is a term derived from the Indigenous Siberian peoples. Every culture has their own term for their Spirit Healers. (ex. Medicine Man/Woman, Witch doctor etc.). I use the term Shaman because it is the most widely known word for the practice of walking or communication between this world and the Spirit world used for healing.

A Mesa is a sacred bundle that is a portable altar or medicine bundle used for healing, ceremony, prayer or divination. To become a Mesa Carrier you must earn it by walking the path of the four directions and years of study of the Shamanic traditions of the mountains of Peru.
The practice of energy healing is shown through many traditions including Reiki, Quantum touch, acupuncture, and reflexology. While these traditions show up differently in the world, the healing energy comes from the same source. God /Creator /Spirit.

My practice has been developed over years and is a bit different than those noted above. I act as a bridge between you and the energy of the Creator, so you receive what you need at that time. Please see the services page for the types of healing offered.

No, you are not possessed. They are disruptions in your energetic or causal body.
Cords can be attached by your own doing. An example is to your beloved or your children. These loved ones can get energy from Source all on their own. They do not need yours.

Attachments are what I like to call energetic hitchhikers. These are lower level energies that can attach to you to get a human experience. This happens when you are not fully protected or when you have an injury or disruption in your physical or energy body. This may be a reason you feel unbalanced and or unwell without being able to put your finger on it.

I will facilitate clearing and restoring your energetic field.

Yes, you can choose to work with one or both. Each modality is different, yet they work well together. I am a partner in your healing. Together we design a plan that is best for your unique situation.

We are all the Creators of this world! To be a creative has many definitions. It is not only cornered by the artists and storytellers. For me, this may manifest in you by creating a more purposeful life. It may also mean creating a business, writing a book, or design a Spiritual practice tailored to your understanding of the Divine. You are what you dream up. There are endless possibilities.
You are the one who can best answer that question. Let’s talk about what your goals are and the modalities I use. If they resonate and you feel called to this work, my experience tells me it is right for you. All you need to do is set up your FREE 15-minute consultation here to start the process.
No. I will follow any Spiritual term you are comfortable with. You could be any denomination or not have a spiritual belief at all. I follow the Spiritual Laws and Principals in my coaching process. All I ask of you is that you believe in a Higher version of Yourself.

A conversation that’s it! I work on what I call the “LUMI” Principal© or the “Love you mean it” Principal.
Loving, Understanding, Meaningful, Interactions.

All I require is for you to be fully present, relaxed and to have an intention for our sessions.
I will be providing you with a private Zoom link for each of our paid sessions.

Each session is tailored to your needs. Coaching sessions are 45-60 minutes costing $50-$60 per session. Shamanic Sessions can take up to 3 hours at $300 per session. Discounted packages are available. All pricing is agreed upon and paid prior to the work beginning.