Elise D'Amico

Primordial Sound Meditation

I am currently a Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher program at the The Chopra Center. I am offering this modality to anyone who is interested in unlimited possibilities. I am excited to add this to my practice and bring this form of meditation to my clients.

What can meditation do for you?

  • Manage Stress and Reduce Anxiety
  • Awaken your Intuition
  • Connect to Spirit
  • Better Sleep
  • Lower Blood Pressure

During this process you will receive a personalized Mantra connecting you to the sound of the Universe during your birth. This is unique to the Primordial Sound technique.

If I have piqued your interest please email me directly elise@elisedamico.com or sign up for a free discovery session.

I identify as a lifelong student of spirituality. With this being said, when I am called by Spirit to elevate my education, I will continue to search for new teachers and modalities to support myself along with my clients.