Elise D'Amico

Divine Instruction/ Correction

Spirit is the best Teacher of all. Divine instruction comes in many ways. I have had my share of experiences and had several corrections what I call a “Spiritual What For”

What do I mean by a “What For”?

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas. When I moved to Florida, I developed a friendship with a woman who was raised in Louisiana. One day she said that she had gave someone a what for. I don’t remember exactly to whom she was speaking or the subject. I was totally confused as the term was unfamiliar. She described to me that it means a correction, for example, like you would holler at your child for their behavior. Well, I have adopted the term and it is very fitting in this instance.

Elise what have you done?

If you would happen to ask my response would be which time?
When doing Shamanic or healing energy work, I assure you will have a Divine opportunity to learn if;

  • Your ego gets in the way
  • Do not answer the call
  • Not Obedient to Spirit
  • You make a misstep in the Spirit realm
  • By not having reverence
  • Not Honoring the process

Prefacing every session, I always set an intention and prayer for my ego to be moved aside. This is a routine practice when I am opening up the healing space and calling in my Spirit helpers. There have been times when I would do the work and Spirit instructed to do something that I felt was not necessary. Welp! I can tell you it does not work out well for me. I receive an immediate Spiritual What For. At that point, I have a lot of spiritual cleaning up to do. Doing this can be a painful process but the deliciousness that comes out of it is I get Divine Correction and I wake up to a new awareness with more information and guidance integrated into my being. How YUMMY is that?!

There also have been times when I refused to answer the call. I have been given a nudge to do something…perhaps into the unknown. I let it go- then was given another push, I concealed and did not feel then let it go (a blip into who I am- I LOVE Frozen!). Being in resistance is an art of mine (another sneak peek into my soul). After years practicing there is still moments when Sofia, my inner teenager, comes out and digs in her heels. If I do not listen, then the “wall comes crashing down”. Most of us have heard this metaphor- I live it.

I would like to share my most recent experience.

The nudge: I was speaking to one of my dearest friends Alyce*. We were discussing psychopomp work (guiding souls to the place of the dead) and how important it is with this Covid-19 pandemic. Many people are dying very quickly and we both felt the need to heed the call. Alyce believed it would be good for me to teach and or lead some of our more sensitive Spiritual Sisters in a psychopump session. I refused and tried to give the responsibility to an elder.

The Push: Over a course of a few days I kept seeing Spirits, had trouble sleeping, I was having night terrors. I haven’t had night terrors in years. I spoke to Alyce again and she brought to my awareness of me teaching yet again. I agreed to do a small circle of the Morrighan Priestesses that were interested. Together we did great work, but it still was not enough due to the amount of daily passing of souls.

The Wall: I was sound asleep, and I was awaked at 1:30 am with an entire jar of water poured all over me from head to toe. Not on my blankets which were covering me but on me and the bed underneath. Not knowing how this happened I jumped up and yelled. My husband rushed into the room asking what happened. I told him and he gave me his canned response “Isn’t this the way your belief system works?” and he chuckles. What a mess to clean up half asleep at 1:30am! I quickly came to the conclusion that Spirit was getting my attention.

When I awakened the next morning, I called out to all the Spiritual Warriors I am comfortable working with and created a class. A “crash course” more or less. We met twice did some great work and I could finally sleep.

In summary, I can say how wonderful it feels to complete the cycle of action bringing the need for this work into my awareness, being stuck in resistance and then fulfilling the call. With all that said, I did experience some Divine corrections or a “Spiritual what-for” and I am so grateful. I needed to do a bit of cleaning up and clearing out. But the gifts I received in the process are so worth it. Alyce and I are currently developing a Priestess course as it was birthed out of this experience.

It doesn’t matter how many years you practice this work. There is always something to learn. Keep your ego in check and your heart open. This work must be done with integrity and humility. By doing so you will receive Divine Instruction expanding your knowledge and integrating new ways of being in alignment with Spirit.

Create Space, Inspire Others & Be Amazing!


*Alyce Walker is the owner of Ascentuals in Doylestown PA. Shaman and Flower Essences Practitioner. She specializes in Holistic healing and massage. Alyce is a co-instructor to the workshops and retreats which will be offered in the near future.