Elise D'Amico


C.H. President of Financial Services: Chicago IL

“We all find ourselves occasionally in a downward spiral where every ounce of energy seems depleted. The day my husband was buried was that day for me. Elise was with me that day like all days when I’m heading directionally sideways or down whether in person or not. She has a keen eye, a sense beyond the norm and she saw me heading in the wrong direction. She didn’t stand still and despite my unfamiliarity with her strengths, she took me out of my surroundings and repaired me. I can’t explain how but she removed the burden. She lifted it. For a moment I think she owned it and then she made it go away. I reflect a lot on that day, and I reflect often about Elise and her gift. Truly valuable, and I seek her guidance and her power often. You should too.”

President of Financial Services: Chicago IL

Joe McCutcheon: Seattle WA

I would say your insightfulness, your empathy of where your client is during the reading and your ability to leave myself and I would imagine all clients at ease with the process and your deep knowledge and understanding of the psyche and the mysticism behind all of the images that you bring forth.

Joe McCutcheon
Seattle WA

Susan Denee Seattle, WA Motivational Speaker / Wellness Coach

“Elise, I always appreciate your thoroughness in which you explain the readings.  Your down to earth communication style is refreshing and always puts me in a relaxed state.  I love your matter of, fact statements regarding how the process works.  You are generous with your time on every reading.  I have never ended a call worried something was forgotten, or worried I didn’t understand everything.  You are a blessing. 😇”


Susan Denee Seattle

Kelly Raymer Writer, Actor & Producer : Texas

“Recently, December 2015 to be exact, I got the opportunity to have some energy work done on me by Elise. I’ve done meditation, journaling and the like, but I was at a standstill. Elise offered to help me as she has done this type of work in person. I was her first remote client. This was going to be a new experience for the both of us. Reflecting on the experience now, it was extremely helpful for me. It has helped me remove attachments from my past and move on. I used to have dreams about the house I grew up in and now I don’t. I really don’t. It’s weird but good. Her energy work helped heal that for me. I can’t explain how, but she was a kind listener, asked thoughtful questions and I was an open book about where I was, the things I was dealing with. It was quite positive for me and I’d strongly recommend her for remote energy work or in person. Add to that, she’s so kind, gentle and caring. I am truly grateful our paths have crossed.”

Kelly Raymer Writer, Actor & Producer

Carmen Perez EffortlessLivingOnline.com

“When I first started working with Elise I was looking to release my blocks. I was going to be writing a book and felt a lot of apprehension and nervousness around it. Elise took the time to listen to my challenges and where I was struggling in my creative process. She made it easy for me by helping me connect creatively by releasing my fears and giving me the confidence to move forward. After our sessions I feel clear and my challenges don’t phase me. Our sessions far exceeded my expectations and my sense of flow come easier than ever before. I am eternally grateful. In gratitude”

Carmen Perez EffortlessLivingOnline.com

Suzie (Nebraska)

What a truly amazing journey I took with Elise!   During our first session had a Shamanic Clearing; I learned that a shaman is a go between this world and the Spirit world. So, we had to facetime for the initial part and was relaxed in my bedroom with the dogs.  We chatted on facetime for 45 minutes and then hung up.  It was while she was alone editating/praying she would figure stuff out During this time; I was meditating alone, and she lit a candle for me that stays lit for a day and will help heal me.  The candle she selected is orange to represent my sacral since it is imbalanced.

Together we created my intention statement:
It is my sincere and heartfelt intention to open myself to healing so I become my authentic self, so I experience comfort & Joy
Through working with Elise I know that there are some issues I still need to resolve but she was able to help me identify them and know that I need to work through them.  I was able to become more self-aware and listen to myself and my soul.

Suzie (Nebraska)