Elise D'Amico

C.H. President of Financial Services: Chicago IL

“We all find ourselves occasionally in a downward spiral where every ounce of energy seems depleted. The day my husband was buried was that day for me. Elise was with me that day like all days when I’m heading directionally sideways or down whether in person or not. She has a keen eye, a sense beyond the norm and she saw me heading in the wrong direction. She didn’t stand still and despite my unfamiliarity with her strengths, she took me out of my surroundings and repaired me. I can’t explain how but she removed the burden. She lifted it. For a moment I think she owned it and then she made it go away. I reflect a lot on that day, and I reflect often about Elise and her gift. Truly valuable, and I seek her guidance and her power often. You should too.”

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