Elise D'Amico

Suzie (Nebraska)

What a truly amazing journey I took with Elise!   During our first session had a Shamanic Clearing; I learned that a shaman is a go between this world and the Spirit world. So, we had to facetime for the initial part and was relaxed in my bedroom with the dogs.  We chatted on facetime for 45 minutes and then hung up.  It was while she was alone editating/praying she would figure stuff out During this time; I was meditating alone, and she lit a candle for me that stays lit for a day and will help heal me.  The candle she selected is orange to represent my sacral since it is imbalanced.

Together we created my intention statement:
It is my sincere and heartfelt intention to open myself to healing so I become my authentic self, so I experience comfort & Joy
Through working with Elise I know that there are some issues I still need to resolve but she was able to help me identify them and know that I need to work through them.  I was able to become more self-aware and listen to myself and my soul.

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